POPE company Ltd Skopje, is a trading company that offers a complete advertising solution for many years and realization of all advertising ideas for its clients.

           Everything started in 1997 as a small family business, and in 2002 the firm grew into a firm with secure foundations and new investment in equipment for work. Every next year with more investments, with more working hours, continuous training and learning about the work, engaging additional workforce, we increasingly took part in the market.


Catalogs WITH ARTICLES BY ORDER DELIVERY 15 - 30 DAYS, depending on the quantity and catalog

Why POPE company?

• Area of an object of 1020m2

• Parking space, more industrial entrances for freight and light vehicles

• Show Room of 100 m2

• Own catalog with articles in stock every year

• Catalogs for ordering 100 000 different items from our brands

• Warehouse space with a modern racking system for palletizing the goods

• 500 different items in stock from the promo industry

• A total of 500,000 different advertising materials at each moment in stock

• Delivery with our own commercial vehicles

• Export oriented in the nearby countries of the region

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What suppliers say for us:

Ten years of truly great collaboration with the Pope Family/Company. Thanks to our partnership we add a brick to our growth together every day and look forward to new and valuable achievements.
Nadine Poletto /
Marketing & Project Manager / ATLANTIS
We are happy that Pope Company is representing the RitterPen brand on the Macedonian market and appreciate the good service to our mutual clients.
Dagmar Walther /
Pope Company is very truthful and cooperation in distributing our range of products in Macedonia. We are very satisfied with their effort and the treat of our brand
Mª Carmen Muñoz /

What clients say for us:

POPE company provides invaluable service to you and your company. If you are still thinking about where to get your promotional materials printed with your logo, complete graphic solution, and ideas, I sincerely recommend POPE company. It is important to have detailed information, that POPE company employees are always available to us and manage to answer all our questions. POPE company has exceeded our expectations, we have excellent and professional cooperation with them
Katarina Zdraveva /
UNI Banka
We are satisfied with the cooperation, the products are of appropriate quality and price, we always receive them within the agreed deadline
Milan Glasic /
My Marketing
Idea Plus Communications is completely satisfied with the capacity, professionalism and team of POPE company and with the complete and successful implementation of all previous projects.

During our cooperation, POPE company fully adheres to the agreed deadlines and requirements and always delivers quality materials.

idea plus
Kosta Kacurkov /
Idea Plus Communications

We express great satisfaction for the last cooperation, but also satisfaction for future cooperation with “POPE company”. We emphasize and refer to the professionalism of the team of “POPE company”, at the same time we emphasize their timeliness, professional readiness, cooperation, and fulfillment. During all this time of cooperation with them, we have concluded that this is a company that diligently performs its tasks and meets the needs of customers.

И Поинт Маркетинг ДОО /
Ipoint Marketing Ltd
POPE company is a reliable supplier for us, when we can always count, first in terms of availability of the necessary materials, the speed of procurement with which we have always met the required deadlines.

Secondly, it is also very important for us – The quality of the materials is excellent, which satisfies the requirements of all customers.

микро графикс
Vladica /

Professionals in their field, always ready for cooperation. The quality of the products and the impeccable service are their trademark

pan tetovo
Aleksandar /
Pan Tetovo
DoubleTree by Hilton Skopje started the cooperation with POPE company just before the opening of the hotel. Our focus when choosing companies for cooperation is mainly on the dynamics and the delivered quality and thus POPE company remains at the top of the list in our selection of promotional materials.
Gorjan Andreeski /
DoubleTree by Hilton
Extremely expeditious, detailed and cooperative. One of the few who do their job conscientiously and transparently.
Tijana Savić, Marketing Director /
Volvo Group Adriatic South
Our cooperation started in November 2015 and we have been working together for 5 years, meeting the needs and requirements of many clients. True professionals and the quality and fulfillment of deadlines separates 10 steps above the others
тринити медиа
Igor Petrov /
Trinity Media
POPE company is our standard business partner. Over the past years, we have built excellent cooperation and mutual trust, based on many successfully implemented joint projects. The services and products offered by POPE company are of top quality, always within the agreed delivery time and the defined specification. We are pleased to recommend potential cooperation with this company, your requirements will be maximally met and respected.
аркус дизајн
Vera Cekrexi Pavlovska /
Arcuss Design


October 4, 2021
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November 21, 2020
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November 21, 2020
The latest catalog for advertising and textile materials PROMO BEST STOCK 2021. All items are in stock, a number of novelties, a new category #STAYSAFE products, new anti-bacterial products, new models in promotional textiles and hats… Browse the NEW CATALOG with even greater choice